Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support

Our litigation support services team assists clients to develop strategies and decide with confidence, whether to pursue compensation, litigate or negotiate a settlement.

We look beyond the numbers to uncover the issues and provide an independent review of the facts. We help our clients with complex litigation involving insurance, contract disputes, liability analysis including economic loss, and business valuations.

Jessups Accountants and Business Advisors is experienced in dispute resolution involving breach of commercial contracts, business valuations, pricing and misrepresentations. Our team can prepare expert reports to identify value or quantify economic loss for commercial and contract disputes, family law matters and personal injury matters. Our experts are often called to give evidence as Expert Witnesses in court. We assist legal advisors throughout the life cycle of the case, from considering potential claims to giving expert evidence in court.

We accept appointments as independent accounting expert, single expert, a court appointed expert and as a consulting accounting expert.

To help clients resolve issues, we offer the following services:


Family Law business valuations and investigations

Resolution of Family Law matters may require an Expert Report as to value or a Report into the conduct of financial matters.

Invariably reports must tolerate scrutiny by other experts and your expert must satisfy the requirements for independence, experience, qualifications and skill. Jessups Accountants and Business Advisors are experienced in the provision of Expert Reports and Single Expert Reports in family law matters.

Importantly, Family Law valuations must consider peculiarities of Family Law that do not impact and are not considered in normal market valuations.

Our experienced practitioners provide reports with opinions and documentary support in accordance with Australian Professional Standards and which meet expert evidentiary standards should a report be required to be tendered for Family Law court evidence.


Economic loss determination

Jessups Accountants and Business Advisors is able to assist clients in the resolution of sensitive and complex matters. We can assess loss for legal and insurance purposes.

We provide the information and advice to determine whether to proceed with litigation or pursue alternate resolutions. We assist our clients by providing quantification of potential financial damages and expert testimony.

We employ our commercial and professional experience to analyse the financial and other information available, identify past and future losses and provide appropriate evidentiary reports which meet expert evidentiary standards.


Transactional reviews and tracing

Whether commencing proceedings to recover property or trying to recover a legal judgment awarding financial damages, the location and recovery of concealed assets is a critical task. Jessups Accountants and Business Advisors' transactional review and tracing services assist clients in understanding transaction flows or asset pools which may be of interest. Employing investigative forensic accounting techniques, we analyse the financial information available, make independent enquiries and ascertain whether all assets have been disclosed and thereby determine the true size of the available asset pool from which recoveries can be claimed. 


Fraud detection and compliance reviews

As businesses expand, so to do the associated risks. Regulators hold businesses increasingly accountable for their internal processes and have increased enforcement of fair trading, anti - bribery and corruption regulations. Organisations and businesses expanding into new territory must take steps to implement effective compliance programs to protect against fraud.   

Jessups Accountants and Business Advisors Fraud detection and compliance reviews gather and assess appropriate evidence; interview witnesses and key staff; identify loss and potential recovery; liaise with legal advisors and regulatory bodies; and provide appropriate evidentiary reports.

We can also assist with fraud prevention by designing and implementing risk management strategies. 


Expert Reports

We understand the important role of experts in litigated disputes. We work with legal advisors to provide litigation support to parties involved in both contentious and non-contentious situations by acting as expert independent accountants. After conducting a thorough analysis of the matter, we produce a comprehensive Expert Report, compliant with the relevant jurisdictional requirements that can be used as evidence in court for the purposes of arbitration or for negotiation and settlement of a dispute. Our team has had significant experience in a range of commercial and litigation matters including family law, commercial disputes and personal injury cases as well as cases within the financial services, property, hospitality and logistics industries.