Current economic circumstances see many investors, lenders and commercial partners seeking answers or pursuing recovery of value. Sometimes, the best resolutions are not always those that are first apparent.

Our team engages with clients to conduct detailed investigations, reviews and analysis to mitigate operational, business and financial risk, secure assets and their value, adhere to compliance constraints, make informed business decisions and maximise opportunities. After independently analysing the situation in question and establishing the facts, we present our analysis in a written report that can be used for operational blueprints, litigation support, disciplinary procedures and reporting to regulators and authorities.

Our practitioners have incredible depth of experience working in and with distressed businesses and assets. Our workout and turnaround strategies and solutions are imaginative and practical.

To help clients resolve issues, we offer the following services:


Due diligence

Whether you are considering purchasing a business, or wish to provide assurance to investors and financiers, Jessups provides invaluable assistance to your due diligence investigations.

Due diligence need not be unaffordable. By assessing risk and agreeing an appropriate scope of work, due diligence costs are maintained within budget and at a level appropriate to the transaction being contemplated.

Our due diligence considerations focus on:

  • Value
  • Likely cash flow, seasonality, affordability of financial obligations
  • Likely profitability
  • Business risk
  • Accuracy and reasonableness of vendor representations and disclosures.


Investigating accountant’s report

We work with various stakeholders including owners, financiers and investors to review operating business and provide information to assist with decision making.

Our practitioners’ commercial experience ensures that our consideration and recommendations extend far beyond simple financial analysis and review. Stakeholders receive the benefit of sound, common sense and practical opinions and recommendations that consider all realities associated with a business.

The assistance of an investigating accountant need not be unaffordable. By assessing risk and agreeing an appropriate scope of work, the costs of the investigation can be maintained within budget and at a level appropriate to the issues being considered.


Workout and turnaround solutions

Jessups Accountants and Business Advisors provides strategic solutions for those who encounter distressed situations that can arise at any stage of the business cycle. Underperforming businesses provide ready opportunity for the creation of value through tailored workout solutions. Our workout solution services emphasise and identify value opportunity through:

  • Background reviews of business operations
  • Identification of opportunity and risk
  • Identification of key value drivers and opportunities for most efficient use of capital and operational resources
  • Assessments of financial structure
  • Business plan development
  • Development of cash flow management programs
  • Strategy recommendation and implementation guidance
  • Assessments of policies, internal controls and adherence thereto

If immediate steps are taken to address the causes of concern and financial stress, we can develop and implement appropriate strategies to assist the future viability of a business.


Investigative commercial reviews

Succeeding in today's competitive environment where markets are becoming more accessible, businesses are pursuing opportunities in unfamiliar locations. Whilst these opportunities present great prospects, they also pose significant risks.               

Jessups Accountants and Business Advisors conducts financial and due diligence reviews of businesses to provide clients with a complete review of the financial information provided. Our findings assist clients to make better informed strategic decisions and provide investors and lenders with detailed information ahead of critical decision making hurdles.



Solvency Reviews

Jessups Accountants and Business Advisors conduct comprehensive financial reviews of businesses to enable more informed strategic decision-making and risk mitigation. We have worked with numerous stakeholders in different regional industries over many years and have a deep understanding of each industry’s relevant triggers for success or failure.

We conduct solvency reviews on behalf of shareholders, directors or financiers who have concerns about the future viability of a business. Our reviews provide an independent, realistic overview of the value of the business’ assets, its likely ability to continue to trade in current or restructured format, and value realisation considerations if it were to cease operations. We consider the operational and statutory constraints on the business and its personnel, together with future statutory obligations such as those under the Corporations Act.

Severe weather conditions (such as cyclones, droughts and flooding) can adversely impact businesses in this region. When businesses experience financial hardship due to such conditions, our close relationships with banks and financiers may prove beneficial.